I’ve used Ubuntu a little bit on Virtualbox, but I’d still say I’m definitely a noob with Linux. I was watching a video of Arch Linux, and I realized how terrible Vista is. aside from all the gay errors I get, my computer is using 40% of its CPU when it’s just sitting here, and I have 4GB RAM and a 2.10 ghz duo core processor. The guy using Arch Linux only used about 7% of his CPU. -_-I have some criteria for whatever distro I get though.1) it has to be relatively easy to use, since I’m a noob.2) it needs to be stable. If it’s going to crash on me, I’m better off with Vista.3) I’d rather not have a lame imitation of Windows, like Linux Mint.4) I’d prefer that it be on the faster side, as far as Linux is concerned. I seriously can not stand having a slow computer, especially while I’m gaming.

If anyone has any suggestions for me, I’d appreciate it.Idk, maybe not an imitation of Windows, it’s just that, from what I’ve seen, they tried to make it graphically pleasing, which draws a lot of people in. I care more about speed than I do about looks, but I guess it’s still probably much faster than Vista, and having not used it, I can’t have an opinion on whether Mint’s looks slow it down at all.One more thing. I don’t think I’m going to need Wine, the games I play the most run on Linux, and I can always just go back to Windows whenever I want to play the others.

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