Maybe you use a Mac for work. Or maybe your school uses Macs in the library. Whatever the case may be, you have a Mac in front of you and you aren’t totally familiar with it.
That’s why I’m here to show you some of the best Mac apps that will make your computer feel like a Windows PC in no time at all.

5) WineBottler

Don’t get your hopes up about WineBottler: it won’t let you turn your computer into a vineyard.
Instead, WineBottler does something almost as cool. It lets you bring your favorite Windows software to Mac OS.
wine bottler
You can use WineBottler to easily install popular Windows programs like Firefox, Microsoft Paint, or uTorrent, for example.
The software runs within the WineBottler app, which is why it’s all compatible with Mac OS.
The process isn’t as smooth as using the same apps within Windows. The Wine interface can be a bit slow and clunky, and it can take some time to download the right apps. But if you’re really craving your favorite Windows apps, then this may be the best option.

4) Caffeine

You use caffeine to stay awake, and now you can do the same with your Mac. One of the most annoying parts about Mac – coming from a Windows user – is that they fall asleep after long periods of not being used.
On Windows, you can tell your computer to never fall asleep or power down. On Mac OS, that’s not an option.
That’s why you need to install software called Caffeine. Caffeine is a free utility which lets you keep your computer awake for a defined period of time. The screen will not dim or power down during that period of time.
This is extremely useful for downloading large files, editing large multimedia files, and performing other tasks that require a long period of computer activity.

3) Microsoft Office for Mac

At long last, Microsoft finally brought Office to the Mac with full support and compatibility. It’s not free, but it’s the best way to get official Microsoft programs on your Mac.


With Office: Mac, you can enjoy Word 2011, PowerPoint 2011, Excel 2011, Outlook 2011, and OneNote. On Windows PCs, you get the latest version of Word (2013), and on Mac, you get the second-best version, but it’s still an effective solution if you need to edit Office documents on your Mac.

2) VLC for Macs

VLC Media Player is the most versatile video application ever made. At long last, there’s finally a VLC for Macs.
Apple doesn’t like it when you don’t use iTunes or QuickTime to watch videos, but neither of those two software programs are very good at playing videos anyway.
vlc mac
With VLC, users enjoy complete access to codecs and libraries. That means you can easily play almost any type of video in any format.
VLC is free PC software and can be downloaded here.

1) Boot Camp

All of the above solutions only allow you to run Windows software on a Mac. With Boot Camp, you get to run Windows OS on a Mac.
Boot Camp lets you create a dual boot system where you can boot into Mac OS or Windows with a single click. You choose which OS you want to boot into upon startup and can switch between the two systems with relative ease.
This is an effective way to install Windows-compatible programs on your Mac. It won’t always work perfectly due to different core architecture, but it’s generally effective.

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