After a year of closed beta, Paladin has finally entered its open beta phase.
The free-to-play team-based shooter comes with elements of collectible-card strategy – and it’s now available for anyone to play.
The open beta comes with a lot of new features that will be unfamiliar to closed beta players. Those features include a new user interface and a new match lobby. There’s also a more robust in-match item system.
Other welcome features include a ranked competitive queue with leaderboards.
There’s also a third map (“Enchanted Forest”) and the ability to mix head, body, and weapon skins on your chosen champion.
Oh, and there are 17 champions now. You can view some of those champions in the following trailer:

The free-to-play open beta is now available on Steam – which means you get Steam achievements. Yes, Steam achievements are available in the open beta.
Meanwhile, if you’re a TF2 fan, then you’ll appreciate the addition of a TF2 Engineer skin for Barik – which can be unlocked by leading Barik to victory five times.
Download Paladin’s open beta here from the game’s official website. Or, head to its Steam page and download it.

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