Ever since Flame was discovered earlier this week, PC security experts have been scratching their heads. Until recently the virus seemed to evade every single detection and removal effort launched its way. And, when the world’s best PC security companies work together to solve a problem and they still can’t figure out what to do, you know we’re in trouble.
Ultimately, the whole situation around the Flame virus has caused computer security experts to start asking if it really is possible to make an undetectable computer virus.  After all, some people believe that Flame has gone undetected for 5 years (!!), which means that it has been stalking computer users for an incredibly long time. Flame has the ability to record audio conversations, monitor webcams, and control basically everything you do on the computer.
Of course, if Flame went undetected for five years, then that leads one to wonder how many other hidden viruses are secretly troubling computer users.
One of the main reasons why Flame went undetected is because it only infected 5,000 computers over that five year span. This implies a targeted attack and, since most of the infected computers are in the Middle East, many are pointing fingers at Israel and the United States being the culprits behind the dangerous virus attack.
Because Flame has only infected a limited number of computers thus far, it has been difficult for PC security experts to see what they’re dealing with. If more computers were infected, then they would be able to analyze reports from all sorts of different sources. As it stands now, it can be difficult to make any headway against the virus. This is a major limitation that almost all antivirus programs have.
After all, it wasn’t long ago that Iran’s nuclear efforts were derailed by a virus called Stuxnet. Iran is still dealing with the aftermath of that cyber-attack, and its nuclear ambitions may have taken a significant step back.
Protecting your computer from Flame and other viruses
Think you have the Flame virus on your computer? Just want to check and make sure that your computer is happy and healthy? Try downloading Comodo Antivirus 2012. In every test we’ve thrown at it, Comodo has exceeded our wildest expectations in terms of the detection and removal of malware. It’s simply the best program on the market today, and if you want your computer to stand a chance against dangerous viruses like Flame, then you need to install it as soon as possible.
For more news about undetectable computer viruses and their implication on global PC security, check out this article from CBC News.

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