First, the world had MySpace and Friendster. Then, we had Facebook and Twitter. And today, companies like Google are trying to steal away a slice of that delicious social media pie with services like Google+
But here’s the thing with social media websites: you can’t force users into liking them. Some social media sites explode with popularity, while others are left to die out.
Well, Microsoft has its own social media website called Socl. And it’s not even brand new. Socl has been around since late 2012, although it’s yet to attract a widespread following.
I bravely took a look at Socl to see what all the fuss was about. And some of the stuff on there was just bizarre. Weird, forced memes and bizarre pop culture images could be seen everywhere I looked. And the entire site seemed like Reddit’s r/cringepics subreddit.
Here are a few of the creations I encountered during my journey to Microsoft’s darling social media site:
epic win memes

However, it’s the comments from users that truly make Microsoft’s social network bizarre. I can’t tell if its users are real people or just Microsoft slaves chained to keyboards in a Redmond, WA basement, forced to comment on thousands of pictures until their servitude is over.
Socl recently unveiled new features that make it easier for people to share content on the network. One feature, called ‘Picotale’, allows users to add text to pictures – just like dozens of other meme websites. Another feature, called Blink, allows Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 users to create gifs out of a series of 16 pictures.
Anyways, Socl is a bizarre place right now. Check it out if you dare.

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