Windows Vista will forever go down as one of the worst operating systems in Microsoft history.
After the magical OS that was Windows XP, the world expected big things from Microsoft. Unfortunately, from the day it launched, Vista suffered from driver problems, compatibility issues, and visual gimmicks that looked cool but destroyed PC performance.
Windows 8 didn’t suffer from many of the same problems as Vista, but it’s already starting to be regarded in a similar light. And now, it appears that Microsoft employees are fully aware of how poorly Windows 8 has been received.
That information comes from Paul Thurott, who runs Supersite for Windows and always seems to have inside sources at the company. In a tweet, Thurott said that:
windows 8 new vista
Harsh! But likely accurate. It’s not like Microsoft employees live inside a bubble. They have to get out on the internet every day and read the vitriol that people spit at Windows 8. Apparently, all this negative energy has made it depressing to work on Windows 8.
So is Windows 8 really the next Windows Vista? I certainly believe so. In fact, Windows Vista sold better than Windows 8 at launch, which means Windows 8 might even be worse than Windows Vista.
Windows 8.1 has fixed many of the common complaints surrounding Windows 8, but it wasn’t released nearly in time to save public perception of the OS. Besides, there’s still no Start button, there are still a limited number of customization options, and there’s still the Metro UI which most users never explore.

What should Microsoft do next?

I think Microsoft needs to cut the cord with its misguided operating system. Windows 8 has been a near-disaster from the first day it arrived and pushing it further down the throats of the existing Microsoft fan base isn’t doing anyone any favors.
Besides, if Microsoft’s next operating system – Windows 9 – follows the same trajectory as past operating systems, it’s going to be one for the ages:

windows bad good cycle

What do you think? Is that graph above true? Is Microsoft forever doomed to repeat its cycle of boom/bust when it comes to operating systems? It certainly seems like it. In any case, I personally can’t wait for Windows 9.

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