Sophos’s Naked Security blog is renowned for its statistics and studies.
Over the years, Naked Security has revealed interesting information about our digital world. It’s also identified dangerous PC threats and malware issues.
A recent Naked Security blog post showed us which countries produce the most spam.
In that post, called the “Dirty Dozen Spampionship”, Sophos revealed which countries in the world produced the most spam in April, May, and June of 2014.
Here are the results:
Clearly, the United States is the number one spam-producing country in the world and it’s not even close. Unsurprisingly, Russia and China are also in the top 5. The other countries on the list simply seem to have the right combination of high population and high internet usage percentage.
Sophos didn’t stop there. Instead, it looked at the amount of spam produced per capita, in which case the United States was nowhere near the top:
spam 2
Using the United States as a baseline, Bulgaria and Belarus produce about twice as much spam per person as the United States.
Here’s why spam is so dangerous
-It can monitor your keystrokes to steal usernames, passwords, and PINs
-It can look through your files and view revealing personal information
-It can trick you into clicking on advertisements
-It can act as a proxy and let criminals hijack your internet connection
-It can let you download more malware
Every day, spammers target computer users just like you. Once your computer is infected, it can be used to send out more spam. If you think your PC is infected, we highly recommend downloading PC Cleaner Pro today.

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