The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is coming in a few weeks. What new changes will be introduced in this update? Find out today as we go through the top five most important improvements in the latest update to our favorite operating system.

It Will Arrive on October 17

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will hit Windows 10 PCs on October 17.
Windows 10 S devices (the ones mostly used by schools and colleges) will also receive the update that same day. That day will also mark the launch of Windows 10 mixed reality headsets, which we’ll talk about more down below.

It Will Support Mixed Reality Headsets

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’s biggest change is the addition of “mixed reality headsets”, a new product that’s been in development by Microsoft for the past few years. Microsoft and its hardware partners are creating mixed reality headsets at a much more affordable price point than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.
The new headsets can also be paired with the new 6 degrees of freedom motion controllers Microsoft revealed earlier this summer at its BUILD conference.
In any case, we’re going to see mixed reality headset from Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. All of these headsets are expected to launch on October 17 – and some headsets will even be bundled with controllers.
Meanwhile, Microsoft is also creating a new certification program for mixed reality PCs. You might see a “Mixed Reality Certified” sticker on your next Windows 10 PC.

View 3D

Even if you don’t buy a mixed reality headset, you’ll be able to see mixed reality images after the creators update is released. Microsoft is releasing an app called View 3D. that app lets you use any device with a webcam to merge digital objects with the real world. It will pair with Microsoft’s new Paint 3D app and the Remix 3D service, which opens the door to a range of possibilities.

My People

This feature was originally expected to launch in the Creators Update launched back in April. However, Microsoft pushed it to the fall update.

With My People for Windows 10, you can pin a select number of connections onto your taskbar (in early builds, the number is set to three). You can use these buttons to stay in constant touch with your connections through various methods of communication – like Skype or SMS.
If you mostly message a few key people in your life, then the Windows 10 My People feature could be very useful.

Pick Up Where You Left Off Between Apps and Devices

Have you ever been working on something on your phone, then sat down to take a closer look at it using your computer? Windows 10 will make it easier with a feature broadly described as “pick up where you left off.”

This feature lets you transfer your work between devices and apps seamlessly. When you fire up a new app on your computer, Cortana will ask if you want to “pick up where you left off”. To get this feature to work on non-Windows devices, you’ll need to install Microsoft’s Cortana app.


Ultimately, the fall update isn’t quite as significant as Microsoft originally hinted. However, it’s still the biggest update we’ll get to Windows 10 until 2018.

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