A thread on Reddit today revealed some of the most popular computer tips and tricks that very few people know about. We’ve scanned through this list to show you some of the best ones that will help you fix all sorts of computer problems.
In no particular order, here they are:
6) Use PSR to explain computer problems
In Windows 7, go to your search bar and type in ‘psr’. This is the problem steps recorder application and it’s new to Windows 7. It allows you to easily record a process while adding comments along the way. Once you’re done explaining the problem, you can easily email the file to somebody else. Hopefully, they’ll help you fix your PC problem.
5) Analyze your hard drive’s space
If you’re like most people, then you have at least several gigabytes of unnecessary data saved on your computer. While it’s easy to delete this data from the obvious spots on your hard drive – like your videos folder or your downloads folder – you may be surprised by how much data is lurking in the hidden areas of your hard drive. Use a program called WinDirStat to analyze the contents of your hard drive and make clutter cleanup a breeze.
4) Windows key + Arrow key = time saving convenience
If you have dual monitors or a large screen, then pressing the Windows key and your arrow keys at the same time to snap a window in a certain area of your screen. This is an easy way to organize your desktop and manage the amount of data on your screen. To swap a program between two monitors, hold Shift+Windows key+Arrow key.
3) Press Ctrl+Enter in a browser window
If you’ve ever wanted to navigate to a site without typing out the full URL, then you’re in luck. The Ctrl+Enter shortcut will wrap the text in the address bar with an “http://www.” And a “.com” at either end. For example, if you wanted to go to FixMyPCFree.com, simply type in fixmypcfree and then press Ctrl+Enter
2) Lock your computer before walking away
If you work in an office where people like to pull pranks, it never hurts to press Windows key + L before walking away from your PC. This takes you to the login screen, preventing anyone from changing your desktop to a picture of a cat or changing your Facebook relationship status to “It’s complicated”.
1) Install several programs at once on a new PC
A free service called Ninite (available at http://www.ninite.com) can save a ton of time when setting up a new PC. Click on that link and select the programs you want to install. There are media player programs, internet applications, document readers, and so much more. Unless you like painstakingly going to each site to download the programs you need, Ninite can save a lot of time.

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