In this modern day and age, everyone is greatly dependent with technology. No one even bothers to wait for the news on print or tv anymore. What’s current is always determined by the news feed that we find on the internet. May it be on views, hits or even tweets. People nowadays are also very visual and dislike reading long texts, too. Thus, posing the need for constant and real-time multimedia content. This vulnerability has been preyed upon by malware developers.
What is a web scripting virus?
A script is a programming code embedded in an application that instructs a program on how to perform. In order to provide a multimedia content, these webpages execute complex codes. For example, when you browse videos on a website, you need specific kinds of codes in order to play them.

Most of the time virus developers insert certain codes into the content of websites without the webmaster’s knowledge.  A virus then attacks an application by accessing its script and adding mischievous commands into them.
When the script of this webpage becomes a threat to its visitors and infects their machines, this specific code is called a Web Scripting Virus.
The worst thing is you’ll never know that you’re already being attacked. While accessing a website, the page remains clear on the owner’s end but do not be fooled because it is actually breaching web browser security, bypassing access control, and stealing info. It can also damage data and even defraud users.
Usually, these viruses infest on social networking sites, user reviews, e-mails, wikis, web-mail, chat room and message board.
Detection and Symptoms:
How will you know if you’re already infected?
You’ll notice the following scenarios when a virus is attacking you. Your computer’s performance slows down especially the launching of programs and frequent shut down of the machine. Yahoo, Google and other search engine queries will be re-directed.
A web scripting virus can multiply faster than other viruses. But, no worries because this virus is easy to remove by using a trusted, secure and simple option. Microsoft Windows usually come up with a built-in tool named, Malicious Software Removal Tool. If your system is not equipped with it, you can get it from Microsoft’s website.

Run Malicious Software Removal Tool by typing MRT in the Run box
Read the Instructions then click with Next button
Choose between Full Scan and Quick Scan (Full Scan is recommended, as it scans thoroughly)
Click Next and wait as it may take a while depending on size of data stored on drives
When the Scanning finishes, remove the microbes infecting application scripts
Click Finish and exit MRT then restart your computer.
After the completion of the process, the system will thoroughly be free of scripting virus.
“Prevention is always better than cure,” so before any virus can latch on your computer, be sure to prevent them from doing so. To prevent Script Virus propagation, we must avoid making direct contact with the infected files and questionable webpages. Train yourself to know the difference between a safe website and a potentially dangerous website. Knowledge is always power.

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