Is your computer sluggish? Does your computer take a long time to start the initial processes? do you always see your computer in a freezing state or getting blue screen? In case your computer has such problems, you should repair your slow-running PC and enhance its performance by complying with these guidelines:
1. Initially verify the random access memory or RAM of your computer. Right-click, ‘My Computer’, select ‘properties’ and then the submenu ‘general’. the data is shown at the lower end of the property window. RAM is the temporary storage of your computer. If your computer does not have adequate RAM space, the performance of the system will be slow, making it difficult for your computer to manage the entire task you need to do. Remove programs that are unnecessary from the system and empty the contents from recycle bin. this will enable the computer to get some free space of RAM.
2. with time, a growing number of files in your computer get fragmented. When a file gets fragmented, the time your computer takes to load it more resulting in a decrease in the general performance of the computer. In order to defragment your hard-disk, go to ‘My Computer’ select your local hard disk, right-click and select ‘properties’, then ‘tools’ and click on the option ‘Defragment Now’. Select hard disc ‘C’ first to defragment and then other partitions. Defragmentation may take some time depending on the difficulties to be resolved.
3. Uninstall needless programs: several of the programs installed have constituents that run continuously, bringing down the performance of your computer. for instance, iTunes have elements that run intangibly irrespective of your requirement of the program. to uninstall any software program you don’t need, select ‘Control Panel’ and then ‘Add or Remove Programs’ and pick the programs that you want to remove.
4. Shield your computer against viruses and spyware: Spyware gathers personal data without your knowledge. Additionally, it slows down your computer. A huge number of computers are full of spyware and viruses and it is best that antivirus and antispyware software are installed to shield your computer against such risks.
Carry out a cleaning of your Windows Registry and you will observe that 90 percent of all problems are related to registry entries that are corrupted. whenever you install or remove programs, append or remove hardware, or modify the settings of your computer, your registry gets patchy with corrupted, invalid and more often unsafe files. In order to repair this hitch, you should download a ‘registry cleaning program’ and do a scan. this program will determine all the void entries and remove them.

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