This article will help you learn more about an Android browser hijacker, Kf7-67; its behavior, what it does and how to remove it from your Android device with the help of a thorough and detailed instructions which will be given later on.
Browser hijackers infect your computer’s browsers, but did you know that it can also infect your Android device’s browsers? Kfx7-67 browser hijacker for Android is one of that. This browser hijacker can get really annoying since it floods your browsers with intrusive pop-ups, ads, and banners. Apart from that pesky behavior, like other browser hijackers on most computers, it also changes your browser’s settings such as the default home page and default search provider, which can redirect you to other websites that might bring in another threat with just one click putting your device’s security at risk.
The fact is that Browser hijackers are not really viruses, contrary to what most people think. It is not a severe threat like Ransomware, Trojan horses, etc. But they can still harm your device and can serve as a gateway for other threats. Like mentioned, browser hijackers displays a never-ending pop-ups and ads on your device, and those can be used to redirect you to a dubious website that may contain harmful threats. That’s why if you have this browser hijacker on your device, It is best to ignore those annoying pop-ups and ads and have it removed from your device quickly.
How does this browser hijacker get installed on your Android device? Just like the browser hijacker distribution on computers, this can get in to your device with the help of some apps that usually came from shady sites. Meaning to say, this can be attached to apps you install on your Android device. So installing the wrong app can land you this browser hijacker Kfx7-67. To avoid getting this browser hijacker, it is recommended that you download apps from Google Play Store. But just to be safe, be sure to do your own research on apps that you want to install to find out if it has a reliable developer and if it is not a potentially unwanted app.
Quick steps to remove Kfx7-67:
Step 1. Go to Settings/More/Application Manager/All

Look for the browser that is displaying those annoying pop-ups and ads.
Step 2. Removing the threat from your browsers.
For Internet Browser Users:
Tap the Force Stop button and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache buttons.

For Google Chrome Users:
Do the same thing you did with your Internet Browser.
Tap the Force Stop button.
Then tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache.

Step 3. Restart your Browsers or better yet, your Android device.
Note: if you are still seeing ads on your browser, then it could be because of the websites you visit that displays them, the only thing you can do is to avoid that website or be sure to never click its pop-ups and ads. But if you are seeing Adverts outside your browsers, then it could be installed through one of your apps. Look for any suspicious app on you Android device and uninstall it.

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