Microsoft’s Surface tablet appeared for pre-order on the Microsoft Store today. And with that came some detailed pricing information. Finally, consumers know how much Microsoft’s flagship tablet will cost, and it’s quite a bit more expensive than many people had hoped.
Here is the pricing information that is currently displayed on the Microsoft Store:
-32GB Microsoft Surface RT with no Touch Cover – $499.00
-32GB Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover – $599.00
-64GB Microsoft Surface RT with Touch Cover – $699.00
In other words, the touch cover costs an extra $100. Furthermore, adding a touch cover in a color other than black will cost an extra $19.99. So, if you want your Surface to look like this:

…then you can expect to pay a premium in order to do so.
In any case, the Microsoft Surface pricing will surprise many users. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that Microsoft was rumored to be releasing a $200 Microsoft Surface, and many experts suggested the Surface would sell in the $400 to $600 range.
That initial $200 price point might have unrealistically lowered consumer expectations, but today, $499.00 seems a steep price to pay for a basic Windows 8 tablet – especially one without the Touch Cover or Type Cover that Microsoft has so prominently advertised in its Surface marketing.
Fortunately, the pricing for Surface accessories seems to be more competitive. Unlike Apple, which makes most of its own accessories, the Microsoft Store features mobile accessories from a wide variety of companies and brands. Prices range from budget to premium, and accessories like cases, headsets, cables, and more are all available to order.

Will the Microsoft Surface be faster than my PC?

If you have a fast PC at home, then you may be wondering if the Microsoft Surface will have better performance. The Surface includes impressive hardware that will make it more powerful than some computers although significantly less powerful than others. Here’s how its technical specifications break down:
-Nvidia T30 Processor (aka Tegra 3 quad-core processor)
-10.6” screen with 1366×768 resolution
-Two 720p video cameras on the front and back
-32GB/64GB of storage space

So, if you’ve purchased a laptop or desktop computer within the last two years, then it will probably be faster than the Microsoft Surface. In fact, the Microsoft Surface is almost comparable to ‘superphones’ like the Samsung Galaxy S III in terms of technical specifications.
Are you going to buy the Microsoft Surface? Or do you have your eyes set on another tablet? Let us know in the comments section below!

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