Uninstall Programs – You may have installed a program that’s not able to work with your operating system. Easy uninstall it. These kinds of files build-up eventually and can slow down you computer.
Delete Unused Programs & Files – You might have too many applications all trying to make use of the storage available your hard drive. Simple delete some of the programs. Or perhaps buy a lot more storage.
Clean Out Computers Registry – One’s your computers registry has become large, this will decrease a persons pc performances. This is not simple. Modifying your pc’s registry demands much more understanding. For this we recommend PC health advisor which does way more then just clean out your registry.
Defrag Your Computer – You’ve saved lots of songs, video tutorials and movies from the web. Your pc is starts to gradually decline in speed. You should organize this. To do this we recommend you do a system defrag, that will shift everything into nice and organized groupings on your hard disk with will boost your computers performances. Better third party software are available such as Advanced Defrag which we highly recommend for users unfamiliar with defragging their computer.
Anti-virus Software – You may have a computer virus, for this you need an anti-virus software on your computer. This is essential nowadays, and we recommend Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus. This software will clean any viruses you may have on your computer now and will keep future viruses from attacking your computer.
Empty Your Emails – Your email organizer is full. Sure We have this issue, just like preserving aged letters, and birthday celebration cards. The problem that slows your computer down is attempting to synchronize your postal mail. Until you get rid of a few of your email it’s going to constantly slow down you computer. Place important documents on a external hard disk. Then send out your emails to the trash and then permanently erase all your emails within the Trash.
Remove Tool Bars – You might have tool bars set up on your internet browsers. I have about 4. These items slow down your pc occasionally. Now along with Chrome as well as Search engines Chrome, there are many add-ons and also file formats that are supposed to help to make exploring the internet far better. However they will decelerate your computer speed. Browsers keep everything you carry out on the web, cookies, background, downloads, you name if they store it. Time to clean it out.
A few of these causes for your slow computer are an easy option and will answer the question why is my computer so slow?

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