In its goal to make our Facebook experience even better and convenient, Facebook has since created updates to do so. One of these updates includes videos playing automatically-with sound. So when a video starts, even if you haven’t tapped the play button, the sound also automatically starts. It can get annoying rather than convenient sometimes especially if the video playing is quite loud and you’re somewhere quiet. For instance, if you’re in a library and you’re using Facebook, when you come across a video on your News Feed, its sound will blast from your phone, disturbing everyone around you. So if you want to stop or disable that feature, this article will help guide you on how to do it.
When you just updated your Facebook app, it will notify you of its new feature with a flash screen stating that, “We’re always working to make Facebook a better place to watch videos. That’s why videos now play with sound on automatically. Use the volume icon on any video to make the sound right for you”.

So whenever you scroll past a video on Facebook, it automatically plays the video with a sound regardless if you interact with it or not, which can get confusing for some users. Before we proceed, keep in mind that when you play any video, you may have to tap the audio icon located in the bottom right corner of the video, for the sound to come on. However, if you do that though, it will toggle the sound on for every video after that and you’ll have to switch it back off again which is very inconvenient to say the least. So if you want to change that and avoid a noisy Facebook experience, follow the steps below.
Step 1: Tap the menu option which has three horizontal lines located in the right side of the screen.

Step 2: Navigate down the menu option and then select the Settings option.

Step 3: Under Settings, tap the App Settings option.

Step 3: Under App Settings, look for the toggle labeled “Videos in News Feed Start With Sound” and drag the slider to the left to turn off videos that automatically plays the sound feature.

After following those steps above, you should now experience some semblance of quiet when you scroll your News Feed or whatever it is that you do on Facebook, so unless you play the video, no sound will be heard when you come across one. And whenever a sound starts to play, all you have to do is to tap the speaker or audio icon on the bottom right corner of the video so that Facebook knows that you don’t want the sounds of the video to automatically play unless you want it to.
As mentioned earlier, when you do turn the sound on, on any video, you may have to go over the process in turning it back off again. it’s kind of a hassle but that will do for now, unless Facebook does something about it.

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