Windows 8 has been released, and that means users around the world are experiencing the operating system for the very first time. Reviews of Windows 8 have generally been positive, although they haven’t quite been spectacular.
Most Windows 8 complaints arise from the fact that the operating system has a steep learning curve – especially for those who have used Windows for over a decade.
While Windows 8 might take a bit of adjustment, some are saying that Windows 8 is a far better operating system than anything released by Apple or Google. Why? Well, here are the top five reasons why some people consider Windows 8 to be a superior system:

5) The convergence of laptops and tablets

A year ago, there were tablets, and there were laptops. It surprised nobody when the two devices finally met. Today, tablets can be found with detachable keyboards, like the Microsoft Surface. And you can buy laptops with detachable touch-screens.
With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has recognized that the worlds of tablets and laptops have finally started to converge, and the result is the most convenient user experience possible. If you’re at a desk, you can flip out the extendable keyboard. If you’re in front of the TV, you can use your Windows 8 tablet or laptop as a tablet. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
Meanwhile, Google and Apple still haven’t figured out a good way to combine the worlds of tablets and laptops. Apple seems determined to make sure that the iPad and MacBook never cross over. Why? Like any good company, Apple likes to protect its own profit streams, and it feels that a tablet-laptop hybrid would steal sales away from its other products.

4) Faster performance – even on older systems

Apple computers are notorious for breaking or slowing down as they become older. And unfortunately, there isn’t really a way to upgrade Apple computers aside from buying a completely new system. Android by Google is faster, although the lasting power of Android devices has yet to be determined.
However, Windows 8 is performing very well in benchmarks thus far – even on systems that are relatively old. In fact, it matches or beats Windows 7 in just about every category, offering users faster multimedia performance, faster internet browsing, and significantly faster startup and shutdown speeds.
So if you thought that upgrading to a new operating system would cause your computer to slow down, then think again: Windows 8 is the real deal when it comes to fast performance.

3) Multi-tasking

Neither Apple nor Google have figured out an efficient multi-tasking system on tablets and laptops. However, multi-tasking has always been a specialty on Windows. Windows 8 makes multi-tasking easier. In addition to the standard Windows task bar, Windows 8 users also have access to a wider range of refined app switching features.
You can swipe the screen to switch to a new app, for example, and everything is gesture-driven. The multi-tasking UI advancements in Windows 8 lead some to say that the operating system is “miles ahead of iOS and Android for multi-tasking and app switching.”

2) A superior user interface

This claim is completely subjective. Despite early complaints about the Windows 8 user interface, most seem to agree that it’s a fantastic way to use a computer once users conquer their muscle memory from previous versions of Windows. Windows 8 calls its interface the ‘Modern UI’ (don’t call it Metro UI anymore!) and there is no doubt it is clean, polished, and very sleek looking.

Ultimately, the best way to test out the truth of this advantage is to try Windows 8 for yourself.

1) Gaming

Microsoft has always had one major advantage over its competitors in one important area: gaming. Top-quality games simply aren’t available for iOS or Android, and neither Google nor Apple seems to want to go after the gaming market beyond attracting casual gamers.
Meanwhile, Windows 8 will offer the same gaming experience as users have grown used to on Windows 7 and previous versions. That means fast framerates, the best hardware, and more entertainment value per dollar. Put simply, if you would rather play Battlefield 3 than Angry Birds, then Apple and Google simply don’t have anything to offer you.

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