If you haven’t tried out Windows 8 yet, then you’re missing out on one of the smoothest tablet computer/desktop interfaces that we have ever seen. The sleek display and colorful buttons are a breeze to use on both desktop computers and touch-screen devices. With Windows 8 beta testing underway right now, most people expect Windows 8 to be released later this fall.
Windows 8 won’t be as radical a shift as the initial iPhone operating system was. However, it does have some cool features that many smartphone users should appreciate. For example, it has a ten point touch system that allows for more fluid typing and operation. Since iPhones are limited to a mere 2-point touch system, this is a huge advantage.
The Windows 8 menu system (named ‘Metro’) is also very easy to use. Users can easily pick and choose which icons to display on their desktop and can coordinate the size, color, and position of each one. People like to customize their devices, which is why Microsoft has put such a heavy emphasis on customizability in Windows 8.
Another advantage will be Windows 8’s performance: Microsoft has set out to design an operating system that can be used across all devices, including laptops, desktops, cell phones and tablets. This means that all of your electronics can effectively be turned into a powerful full-sized computer.
The image Windows wants to project with Windows 8 is that you can tuck a tablet under your arm when you walk around, or put your cell phone in your pocket, but once you need to use it, it contains just as much functionality as a full-fledged desktop computer.
While Microsoft has stumbled when trying to compete with Apple in recent years, the famous software company has shown promise in developing operating systems for mobile devices. Sure, Windows phones have a small market share right now, but many people love the Windows Phone 7 smartphone interface. If Windows 8 can build off that success, then it could become  a legitimate competitor to other big smartphone names.
Windows 8 is sure to unleash a new wave of PC optimization tools, including registry cleaners, antivirus software and more. Check our PC Cleaner Pro 2012 blog frequently for more updates and news on Windows 8 as it relates to PC optimization software.

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